YOGA and mindfulness in schools

In 2017 we start providing YOGA and mindfulness sessions in preschool and primary school in London. Through YOGA children can learn to relax, concentrate and be gentle in a fun and creative environment.

Nowadays, many children are stressed and from a young age begin to experience pressure to perform academically and socially. So it’s easy for children to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence in themselves. During this time, yoga could be an important facilitator of healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development. Yoga classes can help children to understand their feelings and emotions, promoting the development of coping strategies for living in a busy world.

Recently the BBC published this interesting report about the amazing effects of yoga and mindfulness sessions for preschoolers across the capital (video below). The London Early Years Foundation  agrees that  yoga can help children relax while coping with the stresses of life. In such a Context at Happy Mind training we offer the “Yoga and Mindfulness in school workshop” a great way for teachers to bring the benefits of yoga to children and improve their wellbeing, concentration and behavior.

Schermata 2018-08-01 alle 15.05.10.png

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