Maths and Down syndrome -online workshops-

Development of mathematical abilities of students with Down syndrome

Use of manipulatives to learn maths. The workshop focuses on how to use manipulatives such as Numicon, Cuisenaire Rods, Base 10 materials, Number Line, etc. to support mathematical abilities of children with Down Syndrome. Each workshop focuses on a specific manipulative and participants and are invited to bring their own sets during the online session.

Mathematical learning. The series of workshops discuss how to support early mathematical skills and mathematical learning (KS1 and KS2 targets) of children with Down Syndrome. Each session is one hour long and the workshop is usually organized in a series of weekly meetings. The workshop include advice and practical strategies and methodologies to support mathematical learning and the use of different concrete resources and tools.

Working Memory and attention in children with Down syndrome

The aim of this workshop is to provide information about how to support the development of working memory and attention skills of children with Down Syndrome. The session includes information about the concepts of working memory and attention processes and their fundamental role in children’s learning and development. During the session we present practical activities to support the development of working memory and attention skills by using a range of tools and verbal and visuo-spatial strategies. 

Maths parents club

Weekly 30-mins meetings with parents that focus on a specific maths topic, such as counting, addition, subtractions, etc. Those meetings are designed to create a community where parents can both learn about how children learn maths and share their experiences on how to support mathematical development at home (e.g. activities, board games, books).